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NEWS: Dec. 23, 2016

The Presidency | The Nation
Trump Transition Team Wants Details
on State Department Programs for Women

President-elect Donald Trump's transition team has asked the State Department to submit details of programs and a list of positions aimed at promoting gender equality around the world, rattling employees concerned that the incoming administration will roll back a cornerstone project of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.
>> New York Times, Los Angeles Times
RNC Official Named White House Press Secretary
Trump named Republican National Committee official Sean Spicer as White House press secretary, filling what is likely to be a challenging position given Trump's sometimes hostile relationship with the media and his propensity to communicate directly on Twitter.
>> Washington Post
Military, Secret Service Map NYC Escape Routes for Trump
A search-and-rescue aircraft and two helicopters seen flying at low levels over midtown Manhattan last week were conducting surveillance and mapping escape routes for the Secret Service as part of a security plan for Trump, two law-enforcement officials said.
>> CNN

Lee Baca
Lee Baca
Public Officials | Los Angeles County
Sheriff's Corruption Case
Ends in Mistrial with Jury Split

A mistrial was declared in the corruption case against former Sheriff Lee Baca after a federal jury split 11 to 1 in favor of an acquittal. The mistrial on charges that he tried to obstruct an FBI investigation into allegations that deputies abused jail inmates offers at least a temporary reprieve for Baca, who ran the nation's largest sheriff's department for more than 15 years and resigned in 2014 as the jail scandal enveloped his agency.
>> Los Angeles Times

Immigration | The Nation
Obama Scraps Immigrant Registration Program
The Obama administration officially scrapped the last vestiges of a registration system for immigrant men arriving from the Islamic world, a post-9/11 program that hasn't been enforced since 2011. If President-elect Donald Trump now wants to introduce an expanded version of the program, he will have to start from scratch.
>> AP/Yahoo News
Obama: Help Immigrants in Military Access Benefits
President Obama directed federal agencies to do a better job making sure immigrants who serve in the U.S. military and their families have access to benefits and other assistance for which they are eligible.
>> Government Executive

Claire McCaskill
Claire McCaskill
Public Workforce | The Nation
Senator Asks Agencies for More Info
on Retaliation Against Whistleblowers

Responding to what she has called troubling weaknesses in protections for federal-government whistleblowers, U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat, has asked federal agencies for information on senior managers who may have retaliated against government workers who reported wrongdoing.
>> New York Times
Bill Boosts Early-Out Pay for Defense Civilians by $15,000
Defense Department civilians willing to retire early would get a $15,000 bump in voluntary separation pay, allowing them to receive up to $40,000, under the 2017 defense authorization bill.
>> Federal News Radio

Human Services | Texas
Program Linking Car Registrations
to Child Support Boosts Collections

The Texas Attorney General's office says has collected more than $160,000 in child support from 541 parents statewide since unveiling a program earlier this year that prevents parents who are behind on payments from renewing their vehicle registrations.
>> Dallas Morning News

Public Health | The World
Scientists: Ebola Vaccine 100% Effective
Scientists announced a milestone in the fight against Ebola, reporting that a major trial of an experimental vaccine showed 100 percent efficacy in protecting people from the virus, which since 2013 has infected nearly 30,000 people and killed 11,000 worldwide.
>> Washington Post

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The White House
Public Administration
James P. Pfiffner

The Kind of Team
a New President Needs

The foundation for good management in the federal government is effective leadership at both the political and career levels of an administration. Presidents do not run the government alone. They must work with the thousands of political appointees they name, who must in turn work with the career executives who implement the president's policy agenda and execute the laws. Three challenges face the White House Office of Presidential Personnel.
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My father would not bring home a pen because he thought it was stealing.
Paul Gallant, son of Joseph V. Gallant Jr., who was a Massachusetts state social worker in the 1960s, spent 37 years in state government and in the 1990s implemented sweeping welfare reforms, first as the state's welfare commissioner and later as health secretary, recalling the stringent personal code of ethics of his father, who died recently at the age of 81
>> Boston Globe

I just deal with the reality that sea levels are rising. I don't want to rile people up about it.
Thomas Bradford, the town manager of Palm Beach, Fla.--home of the Mar-a-Lago estate of President-elect Donald Trump, who at various times has questioned climate change or dismissed the idea as a hoax--which this year overhauled 12 pumping stations to push storm runoff up a huge pipe to the Intracoastal Waterway under a 20-year, $120 million infrastructure plan to deal with increased rainfall and street flooding
>> Bloomberg BusinessWeek | More quotes

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